27 February 2012

He was killed with a dictionary

Hi everybody!
Today I wanna show you one of my old projects. It was started in summer '11, maybe even earlier than Kotomi, but I can't remember exactly when. It took a long time to make this model looking like I want it to due to two reasons: 1 - quite difficult pose, 2 - I haven't enough experience in skeletal animation to use bones for posing (and that's an omission). Anyway, now she looks enough good for me. There's no limit to perfection, so I think it's time to take the next step and she will be ready for unfolding after some cosmetic changes :D


  1. Looks like another great model! I will look forward to building her if you make it available for download when you are finished. ~greymalkin

  2. Of course, as always) I don't like any paid/private models and I share all my finished projects.


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