01 April 2012


Hi all!
Some time ago I received a very profitable offer. Ukrainian "Paper Modeling" magazine proposed me to publish my models on their pages. It was so tempting so I couldn't resist :-P They want to start a new series "Figurines" which will gather different figurines of famous people, some popular film/anime characters.
Estimated view of cover:
Soon this number will be sent to printery, and after printing it will be available on official site. It will cost about 10$. This will give many advantages like high quality paper, typographic quality of prints, metallic printing, etc.


  1. Because you or the magazine do not own the copyright of the popular film/anime character, it is illegal to sell any merchandise so that means papercrafts too from it unless you have special permission from the copyright owners.

    The character design is not yours to do with as you please! Only if you make an original papercraft, you could sell it, so that means not from popular licensed film/anime characters!

  2. Cool story, bro... Especially for ALL models, made by designers from China . LOOOOL

  3. Post date 01 April 2012: April Fool's joke. Of course a magazine wouldn't use copyrighted material like this! If they would, they would be stealing intellectual property and get into trouble.

    (X.Diem the justification "they do it too so it must be okay!" only works 6 year olds and with good parents it doesn't even work then..... LOOOOL)

  4. Anon is right, of course it was a joke :-P
    Never wanted to sale my figurines, even if it opens up additional opportunities)

  5. I said, cool story, anon... so gtfo, plz.


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