13 July 2012

New WIP and some news

I wanted to make this two things for a long time, and as I got some free time now, I'll do it :)
First thing is Kanade v2. The first one now looks very ugly for me, and I wanna make a new version with correct proportions, better textures and dynamic pose. For now I finished her head (just some minor changes may appear), and you can see that my skills have grown a bit during one year and a half ;)

The second thing: about a half year ago XDiem (Kino), ton_Pst (MidnightFox) an I started a new site, which will be dedicated to anime paper figurines. It contains a big base of papercrafts, forum about development, assembling papercraft and some more. Well, you can look at all this stuff yourself:


P.S. Sorry, we have a promotional banner 'cause we're using free hosting. Maybe later we'll remove it. For now I recommend you to use any adblocker to hide it.


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