18 November 2013

How to make seams look better

Hello again! I decided to show you the way I glue my models. I had shown this in my video earlier, but I think that pictures with explanations can be also good)
Here are some variants of seams:

1. Usual way. Just cut and glue
2. Usual way + colored edge
3. Sloping cut. To cut this way you'll need a knife. Hold it at some angle when you work
4. Sloping cut + "S-flap" (I've learnt this technique from Moekami). How to make it - see below
5. Sloping cut + "S-flap"+ colored edge. I use edge coloring only with dark parts, it's not necessary to color them on lighter parts
And examples:

As you can see, the last one looks pretty good)
Now about "S-flaps". I use a piece of thick paper and empty ball pen. Just put a detail on this paper piece and roll along the edge with pen:

It's also very good to roll the seam from backside after gluing parts together, if possible:

Furthermore, it's useful to roll glued seam on roundish details from backside with any rounded object (you could see this in my video).
Hope this small tutorial came out useful for you :)


  1. Nice tip! Thanks for sharing!

    Greetings from Brazil!


  2. You forgot the "butt joint" technique! (don't laugh, it's a real name ;o)

    It also creates a smooth joint without a raised edge on the final model like methods 4 and 5: basically, you cut out the parts without glueing tabs, and then glue a separate piece of paper underneath the seam: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZn4AjwEAzU#t=50

    It's often used for papercraft space rockets, airplanes or boats, because it works very well to make a very smooth hull! ;o)

  3. I know this method) I've just described the technique that I use. I believe it's more suitable for figures which I make. For me at least) I agree, "butt joint" is very good for big cylindrical parts like airplane body.

  4. Greetings from the Philippines! :)

    Thank you so much for this article and the video! I make mostly doll papercraft too and i've always wondered how Moekami makes them look so smooth.

    Gouache paint sounds like a great idea as what i currently use is colored pens but they soak through my 100gsm paper pretty bad if i'm not careful.Do you add water to the gouache or just mix?

    Again, thank you so much. :D
    Going to try this out now. :)

    1. Agree about pens, I had the same issue three years ago with black one. So it's not a best way definitely)
      I usually add some water 'cause paints are plenty dry. Lately I use watercolors, they more resistant to water when dry and not as
      easily soiled as gouache.
      And good luck with your tries :)


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