14 May 2014

Symphony of Porcelain

At the moment I've almost finished Mustaine model, and soon I'll unfold it. Also I've finished sculpting first porcelain figurine. "First" means that I'll make another one, and I hope it will come out even better than previous.

P.S. Hope you are still with me ;)

26 April 2014

Still Alive... and Well?

I've used this Mustaine's quote no accident. Now I'm working on my graduation project, and it will be... a porcelain figurine. But I will use a non-standart technology, figurine will be assembled from flat parts just like my papercrafts. Some parts (face, hands, etc.) will be squeezed into silicone forms. I'll also make a paper model.
WIP render:

I've also placed some of my papercrats at new exposition in our university. As you could notice, Geralt is finished, and it's only left to finish instructions, but I'm not sure when I'll make it...

03 January 2014

Happy 2014

And another thing. Do you remember him? :D

28 December 2013

One more cute Miku

Today I've finished this cute papercraft by SSN, it's called Racing Miku 2012. Link is available at the author's page: http://seisakudiary.seesaa.net/article/355454735.html
There are no instructions ("prototype" model) so it's not very easy to assemble it sometimes. However, there's nothing very special. As always I scaled it down to 76% size.

13 December 2013


Hello everyboby!
Today I wanna show you another side of my creation. As I could mention earlier, I study at university (one half-year remains), and my speciality will be "Technology of art processing of materials". We studied such subjects as drawing, painting, ceramics, art casting, hot enamels, etc. I'm not so good at drawing I think, but I like casting and processing of metal products. Here we make everything ourselves, from a sketch to finished product (except only for metal casting process itself, cause it's too complex for students). In this semester the topic of our coursework was "Self-portrait in form of animal or plant". As I think I'm sometimes can be very lazy, I imagine myself as a three-toed sloth. But my sloth is not simply hanging on a tree or laying on a sofa) If he interests in something, he can be concentrated. He is also a big fan of HammerFall and many-many other metal bands \m/ And I think you can recognise what he's doing now)

It's made of brass (vacuum suction casting), processed and covered with patina.
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