28 September 2021

Hi all! It's been a long time since the last post was made.
Last 6 year I had no enough free time with my main job and (what's most impotrant) motivation for making new papercraft projects. Moreover, in 2018 I've started a wonderful journey in the world of fine woodworking, hand tools and all that stuff.

For example, this One Peace styled box is made entirely by hand of walnut and maple. Painting on the lid is UV print.

Howewer, less than a year ago I desided to make a new papercraft design for one good musician's birthday. He's Nick Senpai, you can find his channel at YouTube, also be sure to check him out at Spotify. So I've made paper version of his famous plush friend - Fedor Fish. Please, check Download page for templates. It has no step-by-step instructions, though the model is quite simple.

Recently I recieved some e-mail requests about download links from G-Drive. I found that the trouble was with an obsolete links format, now everything is working as it should. Also removed the annoying translate bar, I don't think anyone really neen it.
If you interested in what happening in my life and hobbies, you can check me @Instagram, I put a link in the Links page.
Thank you for staying with me!

08 October 2014

Time fades away...

Well, I didn't post anything so long time. In june I was busy with my graduation, and after this I was tired and so lazy, and I didnt want to make anything about 3d models or papercrafts. Last thing I made in june was new Jackson King V model for Mustaine, and is's almost textured.

Another thing is that I've finished at ~2/3 instructions for Geralt of Rivia, hope someday I'll finish it fully :D
I also wanted to show you some photos of my finished diploma work. I remind you that it was a figure of Dave Mustaine of porcelain. Finally, I've made three ones: a glazed one, another one without glaze and a bisquit one. Furthermore, a glazed figure was supplemented with strings on guitar. All three figures came out completely different, but this is old good Mustaine in any case)

As for some new anime papercrafts - maybe sometime in the future when inspiration comes ;)

14 May 2014

Symphony of Porcelain

At the moment I've almost finished Mustaine model, and soon I'll unfold it. Also I've finished sculpting first porcelain figurine. "First" means that I'll make another one, and I hope it will come out even better than previous.

P.S. Hope you are still with me ;)

26 April 2014

Still Alive... and Well?

I've used this Mustaine's quote no accident. Now I'm working on my graduation project, and it will be... a porcelain figurine. But I will use a non-standart technology, figurine will be assembled from flat parts just like my papercrafts. Some parts (face, hands, etc.) will be squeezed into silicone forms. I'll also make a paper model.
WIP render:

I've also placed some of my papercrats at new exposition in our university. As you could notice, Geralt is finished, and it's only left to finish instructions, but I'm not sure when I'll make it...

03 January 2014

Happy 2014

And another thing. Do you remember him? :D
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