19 August 2011

Hitagi is finished

Hi! Finally, I finished this model. I believe it turned out quite similar to its prototype) There's only one weakness - it can't stand on its own. I always glue a piece of lead into boots, so my model can stand, but it is still very unstable. Thus, the stand will probably be needed.
Senjougahara Hitagi papercraft Senjougahara Hitagi papercraft Senjougahara Hitagi papercraft

Check Download page ;-)

14 August 2011

British Steel

Hi! I wanted to take a little break and rest from anime. So I decided to build something not very difficult but well looking and interesting. I came across this 1/43 Challenger 2 model and found it a good choice, cause I am fascinated by tanks very much longer than anime (but I mainly built plastic models) :)

12 August 2011

Hitagi's face

Well, I reworked her face. This time I used my old good method. I made a screenshot from anime when she looked directly at "camera" and then used it.

It seems to be better than previous version, now she looks like a real tsundere :-D
Comments and critics are welcome)

10 August 2011

New model is coming

Here's my new model, Senjougahara Hitagi from Bakemonogatari.

Ha ha, ok, it's just a render, not a paper model yet :-P I edited it a bit so it looks like my photographs)
And two simple renders:

I don't quite like her face, maybe I'll try to refine it.

05 August 2011

Forest and Clannad

Hello everyone again!
Two days ago I returned from a hike to a forest near railway station Kannelyarvi in Leningrad Region. It was almost 3 weeks long (but I went back home three times). Water in the lake was very warm, so I wasn't only sitting near the bonfire ;) I also saw many different birds, two squirrels and a little fox. Well, don't know what to write else about it, just look at the pictures :)

But the main reason why writing this post is that I finished Kotomi model. Sometimes I thougth it's the most hard-to-assemble of my models. The violin is something special... Well, I did it, so you can too ^_^ I also improved instruction a bit.
Ichinise Kotomi papercraft Ichinise Kotomi papercraft Ichinise Kotomi papercraft
Ichinise Kotomi papercraft
The link is on Download page, enjoy! :)
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