14 August 2011

British Steel

Hi! I wanted to take a little break and rest from anime. So I decided to build something not very difficult but well looking and interesting. I came across this 1/43 Challenger 2 model and found it a good choice, cause I am fascinated by tanks very much longer than anime (but I mainly built plastic models) :)

And of course it was not without modifications: black front fenders, self-made smoke grenade launchers and shields on the turret, hardened rollers. I also could make better machinegun, but didn't wanted to :-P

In comparison with 1/43 UAZ-469 (RUS 'УАЗ-469') metal model:

With red background:

P.S. I regret that I did't darken the color of the model before printing, it turned out too light :(


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