12 August 2011

Hitagi's face

Well, I reworked her face. This time I used my old good method. I made a screenshot from anime when she looked directly at "camera" and then used it.

It seems to be better than previous version, now she looks like a real tsundere :-D
Comments and critics are welcome)


  1. Hitagi not tsundere! She just wants to consider so.
    И лицо все равно не похоже :D
    But I may be fussy because Hitagi my favorite character

  2. Hmm, I always thought she's tsundere.. But it does not matter now)
    I used this screenshot:
    Anyway, they looks very similar I think. And don't forget about perspective distortions in 3D ;-)

  3. Yes, she looks similar in comparison with this pic, but I think румянец на щеках лишний (pardon my english is very bad and I forget words)

  4. Maybe you are right)
    Можешь пользоваться переводчиком гугла, если что-то забыл, я частенько туда заглядываю ;)
    Damn, I started thinking to try to make alternative face model, something like Moekami, and look what I'll get... This way I can be making Hitagi infinitely :-D

  5. You wanna kill us?! xD
    DartVeder, поставь себе QDictionary. в самый раз как карманный словарик.

  6. Alternative faces... It's right choice! :D
    I think two or three different faces would be a good idea

  7. Yeah, I wanna kill everybody!!11! :D
    Joke, I'm not dangerous)
    DartVeder, Do you mean different faces in release? I think to leave only the best variant. One girl - one face)

  8. I mean make like Seisaku - two or three faces/hands/legs/etc

  9. One girl - one face,
    One girl - one place... Em.. Sorry *o_o*
    What do you mean - legs?? O_o With simple and normal hands i've agree, but legs.

  10. That was just an example, not a suggestion, I suppose)

    "Another town another place,
    Another girl, another face"
    Motörhead - (We Are) The Road Crew

  11. Who knows. =_=
    Как говориться "непереводимы итальянский(русский) фольклор."

  12. Ok, guys, I had improved existing face a bit and decided not to make alt versions :P
    Model is ready, tomorrow I begin assembling.
    In Pepakura

  13. It's cool!
    Really, the face on model is much better than on the rendering.
    Поскольку просто люблю Хитаги - обязательно соберу


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