24 September 2011

Megurine Luka

Ok, guys, I had finished my vocaloid Megurine Luka model. As I told earlier, it's made in style of SSN's works, and I suppose that his additional faces for Miku are suitable to my model.
I was going to use metallized paper for golden parts and I made additional sheet with this details, prepared for printing on coloured paper. But my printer didn't give me a good result with metallized paper, so I built a regular version. Also I printed it in 0,76% size as I always did with SSN's models.
Well, look at the pics and don't forget to check download page) Have fun! See you
Megurine Luka papercraft Megurine Luka papercraft Megurine Luka papercraft

18 September 2011

Just a good day

Today I decided to go cycling instead of sitting beside my computer all the day. The weather was fine, and I had rode a total of about 70 km. Actually, I wasn't going to drive so far, but it happened :D I also regret I didn't took my camera, but I made some photos with my phone.
And also take a look at new render of model from previous post.

16 September 2011

A slight digression

Hello! Making such a complex model as Geralt is hard, so I want to escape from it for a while :-P
This figurine is based on my very old project (but I hope to finish it someday) and inspired by SSN's works. Some details are not made yet (wrists, headphones, etc.).
Well, who is it, try to guess yourself ;)

11 September 2011

Opening the curtain

I think that time has come to uncover the secret of my new figurine. I already told that it will be little non-standard for me, and this is the legendary witcher Geralt of Rivia, the one of my favourite pc-game heroes. I took model from the first game, because I like "old" Geralt much more than new. The model had been optimized for making of paper, and it's almost finished. Next time I'll refine hair (it's still not optimized) and make swords.

03 September 2011


Today I had built this wonderful new model of kingfisher designed by Johan Scherft. He colorizes his cutouts with watercolors and gouache, and it looks so realistic! I wish I could draw as well as he.

I decided to upload pics on blogspot, maybe now I'll do so all the time.
P.S. the new figurine is in progress, and it will be something non-standard for me. I'll show render later :)
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