24 September 2011

Megurine Luka

Ok, guys, I had finished my vocaloid Megurine Luka model. As I told earlier, it's made in style of SSN's works, and I suppose that his additional faces for Miku are suitable to my model.
I was going to use metallized paper for golden parts and I made additional sheet with this details, prepared for printing on coloured paper. But my printer didn't give me a good result with metallized paper, so I built a regular version. Also I printed it in 0,76% size as I always did with SSN's models.
Well, look at the pics and don't forget to check download page) Have fun! See you
Megurine Luka papercraft Megurine Luka papercraft Megurine Luka papercraft


  1. I like it! Clean edges and smooth, which is hard to pull off, i think. Well proportioned, too. Keep up nice work!

  2. Thanks, Anon! I suppose to make some more chibi-crafts after finishing Geralt.

  3. Cool, I've been wanting to build a chibi Luka for a while. You did a great job matching the style of SSN's papercraft. It's a weird coincidence seeing this, because about a week ago I started designing the same thing! I guess that when my project fails miserably, I can just build this one. :P

  4. Wow!! Congratulations!! Beotiful model!!

  5. Tnx, Matias!
    It's nice when your work is appreciated)

  6. Здравствуйте, что-то не могу понять где этот кусочек взять:) http://s3.uploads.ru/chJ1t.jpg

  7. Дима, на втором листе внизу. Пришлось так раскидать, потому что хотел сделать под металлизированную бумагу, хотя потом понял, что идея не очень была)

  8. Хех действительно:) Спасибо за подсказку и чудесную модельку.

  9. Hei! BTT, i very love hatsune miku's paper model! :D I have build some model and its make me inspire to build my Original Characters to be 3D chibi based on your template you have make. So can i edited your 3D chibi's template model? :D

    1. Hello, Leon!
      I don't mind you to use my model, just don't forget to mention me as the original author)

  10. https://www.facebook.com/leon.syahrul/media_set?set=a.1370831026319304.1073741868.100001772581873&type=3&uploaded=9

    this link to my account, if you want to see that :D
    hope you like it :D

  11. Hei BTT! Sorry, i have to long don't contact you.. But,,

    I have finish to editing your template and I wanna share the template to my friends. What do you think? May i do that?

    if you wanna see the model i have edited, you can check out the link :


    I will waiting your answer,,, :)


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