16 April 2012

Some notes

First of all, I wanted to say that the poll is finished, so I'll take in account it's results and I will add sheet with folding lines to each new model, as most of voters really need it.
As for upcoming Kyou model, I don't promise to release it soon because I have a lot of work at my university, sorry(
And a small note, a link to old Page Navigation script source is dead and plugin doesn't work anymore, so I've found another one. I even like it more than old one, and hope new one will not make errors and hide some pages.

01 April 2012


Hi all!
Some time ago I received a very profitable offer. Ukrainian "Paper Modeling" magazine proposed me to publish my models on their pages. It was so tempting so I couldn't resist :-P They want to start a new series "Figurines" which will gather different figurines of famous people, some popular film/anime characters.
Estimated view of cover:
Soon this number will be sent to printery, and after printing it will be available on official site. It will cost about 10$. This will give many advantages like high quality paper, typographic quality of prints, metallic printing, etc.
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