14 May 2012

Kyuo Fujibayashi

Hello everybody! Today is a kinda great day - my old longtime project at last is finished :D Now I've done everything I wanted including a little bonus - Botan, a little boar. I also given books with empty covers, so you can make your own ones. Well, no more talking, enjoy pictures)
Fujibayashi Kyou papercraft
Sorry, I forgot one picture again, this time it's pic with folding lines. I don't wanna make new links (MediaFire doesn't allow file update), so I add link to this pic separately.

07 May 2012

Downloads section update

Some time ago 4shared.com began to require registration to download files. I beleive that it's not very comfortably for everyone to register there or sign in for every time when you wanna download something. So I decided to give alternative links on MediaFire. It has only a little disadvantage - inactive files may be deleted, so I'll have to check my links periodically. I will not remove old links, so you'll be able to choose which link is better for you.

Congratulations on the coming Victory Day!
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