20 July 2012

Another way to customize "Followers" widget

For a very long time I was wondering how to change colors in Blogger "Followers" widget. I finally found working decision, and I suppose you may want to know it.

19 July 2012

Tenshi pose

I decided to ask your opinion, dear reader, which version you would like to see more. Or maybe both will be good? Let's see ;)
First one was simple to made, so you can see it on first picture. The second one will look something like this PVC figurine.

18 July 2012

Tenshi v.2 WIP

Today I wanna show how things are going with my second Kanade. The model is mostly finished and the next step is posing. I haven't quite decided on the pose, maybe I'll make two versions - simple one and dynamic one with sonic blades. Well, time will show ;)

13 July 2012

Another Sayaka

After making photos with a giant match I thought: can I really make such a small model? And soon I printed downscaled patterns and started to work. The final result is even better than I expected. Figure was assembled without any changes, except only for changeable faces (I think it's not needed here). Resulting model is 6 times smaller than original (and 4,5 times smaller than my previous one). Sometimes I thought that I'm crazy when I was making this XD

New WIP and some news

I wanted to make this two things for a long time, and as I got some free time now, I'll do it :)
First thing is Kanade v2. The first one now looks very ugly for me, and I wanna make a new version with correct proportions, better textures and dynamic pose. For now I finished her head (just some minor changes may appear), and you can see that my skills have grown a bit during one year and a half ;)

The second thing: about a half year ago XDiem (Kino), ton_Pst (MidnightFox) an I started a new site, which will be dedicated to anime paper figurines. It contains a big base of papercrafts, forum about development, assembling papercraft and some more. Well, you can look at all this stuff yourself:


P.S. Sorry, we have a promotional banner 'cause we're using free hosting. Maybe later we'll remove it. For now I recommend you to use any adblocker to hide it.

12 July 2012

Sayaka Miki

!I didn't change anything in this model, and I'm NOT the author!

After a long break (exams, work, etc.). I've finally made a new model - this time it's Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica by SSN. It's the first model with changeable faces from SSN that I made, and I like the result ^_^

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