19 July 2012

Tenshi pose

I decided to ask your opinion, dear reader, which version you would like to see more. Or maybe both will be good? Let's see ;)
First one was simple to made, so you can see it on first picture. The second one will look something like this PVC figurine.


  1. I want the one with blades but hope to see both so beginners can build it too:D

  2. I don't think that the second one will be much more difficult to build. But it seems that I'll have to build both xD

  3. Could you post an approximate time you might have the models available as downloads for people to build? One, two, three months? Yes, I am anxious to build one of them. Thanks.

  4. I suppose to finish them on the next week :D
    I've already started unfolding, tomorrow I think I will have templates, and maybe even print them.


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