24 August 2012

Kanade with sonic blades

Well, model is completed, instructions are finished and all mistakes I found were corrected. Enjoy ;-)

Kanade again

For now Kanade with blades is finished, and I'm making instructions. The simple version probably will delayed for some weeks 'cause I need to assemble it (oh my god, one more Kanade :D ) and supplement instructions. So I think to release in the nearest future only the version with blades.

12 August 2012

Hiking '12

Yesterday I returned from 5-day hike. I've been at the same place as last summer. The weather was good, but not enough sunny and warm, so we didn't swim in the lake at all :'-( But at the end of the hike we gathered some blueberries and mushrooms. In total, the hike was good :)
As you can understand, I didn't touch my Kanade this week, and I hope on the following week I will)

04 August 2012

Current state of Kanade

Things are going some slower than I expected, and now I'm not absolutely sure that I'll finish her on the next week. And I won't make two models at the same time anymore, it's wearying :)
Current situation:
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