28 December 2013

One more cute Miku

Today I've finished this cute papercraft by SSN, it's called Racing Miku 2012. Link is available at the author's page: http://seisakudiary.seesaa.net/article/355454735.html
There are no instructions ("prototype" model) so it's not very easy to assemble it sometimes. However, there's nothing very special. As always I scaled it down to 76% size.

13 December 2013


Hello everyboby!
Today I wanna show you another side of my creation. As I could mention earlier, I study at university (one half-year remains), and my speciality will be "Technology of art processing of materials". We studied such subjects as drawing, painting, ceramics, art casting, hot enamels, etc. I'm not so good at drawing I think, but I like casting and processing of metal products. Here we make everything ourselves, from a sketch to finished product (except only for metal casting process itself, cause it's too complex for students). In this semester the topic of our coursework was "Self-portrait in form of animal or plant". As I think I'm sometimes can be very lazy, I imagine myself as a three-toed sloth. But my sloth is not simply hanging on a tree or laying on a sofa) If he interests in something, he can be concentrated. He is also a big fan of HammerFall and many-many other metal bands \m/ And I think you can recognise what he's doing now)

It's made of brass (vacuum suction casting), processed and covered with patina.

01 December 2013

The Appearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

It's done, my friends! My lazy ass spend more than a half-year to finish this model :D But now I'm glad to share results with you. Hope you enjoy this model, 'cause I think it's the one the most thought-out of my creations :)

DL links are available now. Thanks for patience everybody who was waiting all this time)

26 November 2013

18 November 2013

How to make seams look better

Hello again! I decided to show you the way I glue my models. I had shown this in my video earlier, but I think that pictures with explanations can be also good)
Here are some variants of seams:

13 November 2013

Amane Misa

Today (this night, I have to say :D) I wanna show you something special. This is Amane Misa from Death Note made by my girlfriend (Tatiteka554). It's her first work, so I helped her with creation. Also, she hasn't her own site yet, so I'll share it here. Hope you will like our Misa ^^ And if you will, don't forget to check the Download page ;-)

06 November 2013

Endless eight

Making Haruhi is going slowly.. I spend much time doing any nonsense, sometimes messing about my car, and being with my girlfriend, so I usually have some time to glue only in evening. For now the head is finished:

27 September 2013

Two years after

Recently I've finished another Hitagi, this time for my girl. We started together, but then she decided to take part just as a watcher :D

And some Haruhi progress:

The current step is to edit all flaps, the next - is to assemble.

22 September 2013

Disappearance of... me and Haruhi Suzumiya

My business is not dead, as someone could think :D This summer I was here and there, doing different things, and sometimes there was some time to work on my new model, so here's some results:
The model is almost done, only left to finish her palms and some textures. I hope soon I'll have more free time, and I'll do this)

14 June 2013

Some apologies

Hello everybody!
It's already three and a half months with no any news from me.. Because of my university, my "new" car and sometimes my big-big laziness I didn't have much time to spend with my models, so I didn't finish it yet. This monday I leave for two months, 'till september, so I won't be able to work on my models (maybe only in August, but I'll be far from Internet). Sorry about this, those who's waiting.

01 March 2013

Long time ago I decided to make wings as a little addition to my Kanade. And, as it often happens to me, creation process had stuck somewhere in the middle :D Today I got some free time and I was bored, and remembered about those wings. So the current situation is:

Also about a month ago I've started a new project, but I will not promise anything about release time 'cause my university occupies time. I think you can guess who is it ;-)

25 January 2013

Let's add some new colors)

Today I'd like to introduce you my girlfriend's work (and yes, we met due to my figurines in some measure XD ). This is the recolor of my second model, Sakagami Tomoyo. She painted it as C.C. from Code Geass last summer, and I also added original instructions. Enjoy!
In the Gallery you can also see Reimu made by her, just look for Lydia :)
C.C. [Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion]
Author: btt-modeler / Volkova Lydia
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