25 January 2013

Let's add some new colors)

Today I'd like to introduce you my girlfriend's work (and yes, we met due to my figurines in some measure XD ). This is the recolor of my second model, Sakagami Tomoyo. She painted it as C.C. from Code Geass last summer, and I also added original instructions. Enjoy!
In the Gallery you can also see Reimu made by her, just look for Lydia :)
C.C. [Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion]
Author: btt-modeler / Volkova Lydia
4shared.com || MediaFire.com


  1. Greetings from Indonesia..
    Can i request Yurippe too?
    for accompany to Kanade :)
    Think no one have create it now..
    Thx before..

  2. Maybe later, because now I have no much free time with my studying. I have also started a new model some time ago, and I want to finish it first.

  3. Well,education comes 1st of course,
    Looking forward for it then :)

  4. yeah!!! i add red colour, thats my favourite


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