01 March 2013

Long time ago I decided to make wings as a little addition to my Kanade. And, as it often happens to me, creation process had stuck somewhere in the middle :D Today I got some free time and I was bored, and remembered about those wings. So the current situation is:

Also about a month ago I've started a new project, but I will not promise anything about release time 'cause my university occupies time. I think you can guess who is it ;-)


  1. can you tell me who is the model we're building?
    wings about me seems a very good idea
    finish and assemble the two models Kanade

    I'll be waiting for your next models. thank you very much for sharing.

  2. It's Haruhi Suzumiya, her version from "Disappearance of..."

  3. Dat Haruhi :3
    Excelent work, I'll be waiting patiently for see the finshed model. Salutations :D

  4. Thanks) At the moment it's left to finish her hands and pose

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