08 October 2014

Time fades away...

Well, I didn't post anything so long time. In june I was busy with my graduation, and after this I was tired and so lazy, and I didnt want to make anything about 3d models or papercrafts. Last thing I made in june was new Jackson King V model for Mustaine, and is's almost textured.

Another thing is that I've finished at ~2/3 instructions for Geralt of Rivia, hope someday I'll finish it fully :D
I also wanted to show you some photos of my finished diploma work. I remind you that it was a figure of Dave Mustaine of porcelain. Finally, I've made three ones: a glazed one, another one without glaze and a bisquit one. Furthermore, a glazed figure was supplemented with strings on guitar. All three figures came out completely different, but this is old good Mustaine in any case)

As for some new anime papercrafts - maybe sometime in the future when inspiration comes ;)
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